We will:

M a n a g e  a l l  a s p e c t s  o f   t h e   p r o p e r t y  

s a l e , f r o m  p r i c i n g , m a r k e t i n g  a n d       

s h o w i n g  t o  e v e r y  s t e p  i n v o l v e d  i n  

to  m e e t    y o u r  

u n i q u e   g o a l s  a n d  n e e d s .

P r o m o t e   y o u r  l i s t i n g   o n  b o t h   

d i g i t a l  a n d   p r i n t  p l a t f o r m s.

Sellers Guide

Our GLOBAL ELITE Real estate office is renowned for its excellence in service and real estate expertise in the Ontario market with global contacts..

Receive a home selling experience that is unique, engaging and fulfilling, both emotionally and functionally.

Experience market knowledge combined with negotiating skills and top-tier services , making selling your real estate a rewarding and pleasant. 

This Sellers Guide will list key information to help you smoothly navigate throughout this exciting journey. 


1 Please locate your Title Insurance Policy or Deed and provide your own personal Id at the date of listing.

2 Make sure you have all current and past Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy in place.

3 Hire a real estate attorney to represent your interests

during the selling of your property.

Decide on making any necessary repairs or expect a negotiating factor at the time of receiving offers.

4 Hire an inspector and if necessary, a contractor to repair any primary


5 Remove and repair all signs of damage and deterioration to add both

perceived and real value to your property. Investing some time and energy will

make a big difference, bringing you the highest possible price in the shortest

period of time.

6 Evaluate your property and decide if you would like to make any renovations.

Consider painting, cleaning or replacing carpeting.

7 Make sure all plumbing, heating and electrical items are functioning properly.

8 Clean closets, doors and windows.

 9 Organize, eliminate clutter and neutralize the environment. Remove your

personal imprint on the house such as family photos, cosmetics, waste cans etc.

1 0.  Determine if you would like to stage your property; well-staged homes sell

faster that non-staged homes. Additionally, property values may also rise.

1 1 Review your property’s Comparative Market Analysis with the agent.

1 2 Evaluate best pricing based on the current market, property condition, the

location, square footage, recent comparable sales, and amenities among others.4

1 3 Once your property looks fresh, clean, and well maintained, your agent

will have your home professionally photographed.


1 4 Go over your property’s marketing plan with your agent.

1 5 Your agent will begin showing your property. Make sure to leave while your

home is being shown. This way, buyers will feel more comfortable discussing

your property with your agent.

Once you have achieved your goal of an acceptable offer you can expect the

following to occur:

 Home Inspection


 Buyers waiver of a Written Mortgage Commitment

Property Walk-Through 24-28 Hours Prior to the Closing

The Closing Process

1 6 Your agent will send a copy of the accepted offer to you, to your

attorney, and to the buyer’s agent /  attorney.

1 7   Your attorney will make arrangements with the buyer’s attorney.

1 8 The buyer’s attorney will discuss adjustments,

if necessary, with your attorney.

1 9  Before your closing appointment, both buyer and sellers meet their lawyers  to review all of

the closing paperwork.

Be in constant contact with your lawyer for instructions.

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