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Q: How does Mere Posting happen?


The Toronto brokerage provides Mere Postings services for the rental market of  Multi Family Apartments - Non condo types & the

specialty market of Senior Living Communities on The Toronto Real Estate Board and MLS, Realtor. ca


Q. What areas do you service ?

The brokerage can post any property worldwide.  In Toronto,  Agents will have access to the Landlords contact information. Non Members of The Toronto Real Estate Board

and everyone else can access the posting / listing on Realtor.ca ( MLS.) If you would like every agent to see it on their provincial board and are will to pay a co-operating broker a fee, 

we have to post it also on their provincial board, but that would cost another $75 per board.  If you want to mostly deal direct  with a tenant, there is no need to pay that extra cost.

If a tenant has an agent... the tenant will advise their agent to make contact with the landlords rep, regardless.

Q: Do you have to go through a real estate agent to post on MLS?

A: Yes. As per the rules and regulations on Realtor.ca, a licensed real estate

agent or broker must process the listing.


Q: How much commission / fee will I pay?


A.  You pay only for the mere posting / listing upfront as a flat fee charge.  

Click on and refer to the various packages on the brokers admin site ( link at bottom ) 

If you want to pay the tenants agent.. you decide at the time of listing. 


Q: Can I state how much commission I am willing to pay if a tenant / client has an Agent ? If any..

A: Yes.

This is important.  You decide at the time of posting if you wish to co-operate with any tenants agent.

Those commissions are to be stated upfront on the MLS listing

You can elect to say " inquire " or have a " flat fee or commission " of any amount.

When the tenants agent calls, you can discuss it prior to the showing.

Keep in mind.. there are over 100,000 agents that are willing to help you find a tenant. On the other hand, tenants

usually go direct to the landlord.. hence this business model.

Q: How soon will my listing appear on MLS?

A: Depending on the workload.. afew days.


Q: Can you make changes/additions to it once it’s uploaded?

A: Yes. Your realtor can do this on your behalf. As mentioned above, the general public

cannot post, amend or remove information themselves.


Q: Can I post an Open House message on Realtor.ca

A: Only agents can make these changes too, but we can indicate it on the MLS...

We recommend having constant postings / notices to avoid having to update it


select the yearly plan.. by only having the property address displayed.

When the inquiries come in you can advise them accordingly.. or if the suites are rented

out, switch them over to another location.



 Q: What will be the duration of a mere listing on MLS?

A:  We advise to post it and leave it..  just like any other classified ad. 

TREB requires 60 days minimum.. Our strategy is to post it and leave it on the MLS.. As the inquires come in.. either create 

a waiting list or rent out other units  as they come available.  As always it can be cancelled at any time. 

Our best rates are for yearly packages.. save alot of time having to refill the forms etc.. we can

always suspend it during the year and reactivate it at any time.


Q: Can a property owner show their contact information on the mere listing and be contacted directly from Realtor.ca?

A: No.

All communication from potential tenants / buyers seeing your listing on Realtor.ca (MLS)

must first pass through your posting agent.   The posting brokerage will direct all enquires for

showings, offers, commissions directly to the landlords own leasing staff .

 ( A link is provided on the MLS. ca back to the posting site.)

*Our process is automated so tenants will connect online *


Q. When we post / a property do we still have to pay a commission or fee if we rent /sell that same unit ourselves ?


Freedom : No Commissions are owed at any time after posting it.

That's the benefit of Mere Posting. 

Q.  Are there Refunds, cancellation fees or fees to make changes to my listing ?

We do not refund any posting & Do Not Charge additional fees to make listing changes

or to cancel your listing. Changes can be made anytime online through via email.

CC the brokerage of same changes.


Q. Does the brokerage work with tenants.


No. ( We only post them ) 


Do you offer other services ?

Yes. The brokers involvement for mere postings could be to review the contract & provide any

other advise required.  Your lawyer can do the same. 

Simply call or email us.

Q. Where  do I begin to post onto MLS ?


Our posting process is very user friendly  and can be completed online at any time.


1. The first step will be to register at the brokers administration site and begin posting.


Posting / Admin site:   




 2. Within days, the brokerage transfers that same information 

to the Toronto Real Estate Board which automatically gets uploaded to Realtor.ca ( MLS )

We welcome any other questions.. at anytime. Click here to send an email..We are here to help

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