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If you received my postcard/mailings or other solicitation letters we would like to hear from you.

Apparently your property is in an area of redevelopment which will increase your

value when it comes time to sell.. as a group of properties. 

Our firm scouts out areas and we match them to our long list of buyers of which we provide customer service only.

For development, one needs on an average of 4 + properties, being side by side or back to back.

Please reach out to us to discuss pricing and offers.  

Our role

Agency Relationship: There are 3 situations.  

They all must be in writing and clearing indicating the agents role.

We can represent sellers.  ( 100 % of the time )  

We can represent buyers.

We can act as a transaction broker representing both parties.

If we work with sellers, as their rep, as this is what is preferred, 

the sale prices would be higher as the fee is built into the price.

If we represent the buyer, the sales price will be lower because the

buyer pays the fees and it is in addition to the price which is not financeable.

Seldom would an agent rep a buyer alone.  But it happens.


If we represent both parties, it must be in writing and the negotiations would involve the seller and their lawyer

In this relationship agreement, the brokers fee is built into the price.


Our position and role is that we represent sellers, work hand in hand with you and your lawyer and

provide customer service only to the buyers.

Prior successful land assemblies:

North York:

16 -  36 Connaught Ave.


15 estate lots. 



17 - 23 Morgan Ave.

16 - 28 Glen Cameron 


23 - 29 Greenbriar Rd 

2 - 14 Cusack Crt.

7 – 15 Kenaston Gdns


375 - 401 Kingston Rd

Always looking for 4 + side by side properties. Call if you know of any..


Considering to sell part or the entire real estate portfolio ?

Deal direct 

Fast decisions made

No MLS listing is required.

Direct buyers.

Contact us here for a confidential assessment.

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